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Men's Health

Prostate Cancer

Approximately 40% of men aged 70 upwards will have a prostate cancer present. However, the vast majority of these never cause any problems with the patient being totally unaware of its existence. The difficulty is identifying the harmless ones from those that, if left untreated, will spread.

At 90 Sloane Street we have an excellent screening programme which is able to identify the ‘bad’ prostate cancer. If concerns arise from the examination and/or PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test, an MRI scan of the prostate is the next step. The results of this scan will determine whether a prostate biopsy is required. The MRI we carry out, has a remarkable 85-90% concordance with a biopsy.

We have achieved exceptional results due to the quality of surgery as well as the Practice’s link with London’s lead pioneer in MRI scanning, who also performs the biopsies. Patients at 90 Sloane Street needing radiotherapy or with metastatic disease have greatly benefited from our longstanding partnership with Prof Ros Eeles.

The full medical team also comprises the GPs, geneticist, prostate oncologist and
radiotherapist and surgeon.

Consultant – Ros Eeles