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Patient Information


90 Sloane Street has an annual subscription scheme for all patients.

The annual fee entitles you to use of our out-of-hours service. It covers evenings, nights, weekends and bank holidays. Our doctors share the out-of-hours cover with the Basil Street Practice. You can call for advice from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.

The annual subscription fee also reduces the cost of GP consultations and all routine prescriptions. Gun licences, passports and minor forms are free of charge.

Whilst paying the annual fee you will still be charged for telephone consultations and being seen by
the doctor on call.


Payment must be made on the day of your consultation and also for any bloods tests or investigation arranged.
If medication is dispensed, then payment must be made before leaving.

Please note: Dr Brovig has a different pricing schedule and does not operate a membership scheme.

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Health Screening

Female medical: Member £730.00

Male medical: Member £720.00

Consultation: Member £230.00

Home visit: £400 (starts from – depends on distance and complexity)

Consultation Non-Member: £240.00

Additional options: Carried out at 90 Sloane Street

ECG – £75

Echocardiography – from £550

Stress echo – from £950

Ultrasound – different types i.e. Abdomen £350

Additional options: Carried out outside the Practice

Colonoscopy – from £1,600-£1,800 (depending upon complexity)

CT scanning, including EBT – coronary calcification assessment (Costs usually to be paid directly to the hospital/clinic where the tests are carried out)



Members: £230

Non-Members: £260

The standard consultation time is 30 minutes for a routine appointment, however, appointments for longer than 30 minutes can be booked. Occasionally consultations do run longer or shorter than originally envisaged and fees will be adjusted. Medicals are between 75 and 90 minutes.


Home Visits

£400.00 minimum (more depending on complexity and distance from the practice).

These prices are guidelines – if more work is incurred after the appointment, the fee may be altered. Half of the consultation fee will be charged if less than 24-hours cancellation notice is given.



Patients on regular medication prescribed by the Practice can request repeat prescriptions by telephone, post or email. Please ensure that we receive the request before the medication has actually run out. We advise 24 hours notice to prepare your prescription.

Medications can be picked up from the Practice. There is no charge for paper prescriptions which are collected from the Practice or sent out by mail. Please note that faxed prescriptions are not legal and we cannot issue prescriptions by email. Prescriptions can be telephoned through to a chemist of your choice at a charge of £35.00.

We have a duty of care to see all patients on prescribed medication at least once a year, and you may be required to consult with a doctor before a further prescription can be obtained.


Telephone/email consultations and referrals

Telephone and email consultations will be undertaken at the doctor’s discretion and may incur a charge in the region of £75-£130, depending on the time taken.

Occasionally, the doctor will refer a patient directly to a specialist for a consultation without seeing them – there will be a referral fee of £75. If extensive paperwork is needed the fee can be up to
£100-125 depending on detail of work needed.

Travel vaccinations and advice

All vaccinations are undertaken at the Practice and we are an approved yellow fever vaccination centre. A full schedule of required vaccinations can be obtained by ringing the Practice with your exact travel arrangements prior to your appointment. Please ensure you consult the doctor at least 6-8 weeks before departure, to allow sufficient time to complete appropriate vaccination courses.

We can also provide a travel emergency pack and Malarone (or its generic equivalent), as an anti-malarial prophylaxis, which is used worldwide.



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