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DNA double helix and sequencing output.

Credit: Peter ArtymiukCC BY

At 90 Sloane Street, in September we are starting a whole genome screening project looking for 600 actionable genes. The knowledge that you carry these genes can offer actions which could considerably improve your outlook.  

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Professor Ros Eeles


Ros is a Professor in Oncogenetics at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and an Honorary Consultant in Cancer Genetics and Oncology at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. She has led an extensive number of worldwide genetic trial collaborations repeatedly moving the boundaries in the world of prostate cancer and genetics. Ros discovered a significant proportion of the genes involved in prostate cancer. She offers consultations in cancer genetics to affected and unaffected individuals assessing their risk of inherited genetic variants which may increase their cancer risk. Samples can be sent off for testing.

Dr Gabriella Christina Pichert–Eichenberger

MD, Consultant Cancer Genetics
Special Interest Cancer Genetics Services

Gabi worked initially in medical oncology but for many years has specialised in cancer genetics; providing cancer risk assessment, genetic counselling and advice on the management of individuals and families with an inherited predisposition to cancer, such as women with a personal and/or family history of breast cancer. Previously Consultant in Cancer Genetics at Guy`s and St Thomas NHS Foundation and Joint Lead for Cancer Genetic Services. Recently has been working in Berne.

Dr Lucy Side


Lucy is Clinical Lead for Genetics at University Hospitals Southampton, having completed her specialist training in Oxford, and spent 9 years as a Consultant in Genetics at Great Ormond St Hospital. She is a Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute for Women’s Health where her interest is in gynaecological cancer susceptibility, and has published over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals. She sees patients who are requesting testing for inherited alterations in genes that increase cancer risk.

Dr Tessa Homfray

Dr Homfray is a consultant in medical genetics and works at both Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. She has special interest in the genetics of cardiac disease and fetal cardiac genetics. She also specialises in prenatal diagnosis and runs clinics at St George's fetal medicine unit as well as the Harris Birthright unit at King's College London.

Dr James Ware

James Ware Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals and a Reader in Genomic Medicine at Imperial College London, Group Head at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, and . Dr Ware graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2000, and pursued general medical training in Cambridge, London and Geneva before appointment to specialist training in Cardiology in 2007. After a PhD at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (CSC), funded by a Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust, he was appointed an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in 2012, and undertook post-doctoral research at the MRC CSC, Imperial College, Harvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship in 2015 and returned from Boston to start his own research group.James’ overarching research aims are to understand the impact of genetic variation on the heart and circulation, and to use genome information to improve patient care.

Liz Bancroft

Liz Bancroft is the Lead Nurse Researcher in Cancer Genetics at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and has an honorary appointment at The Institute of Cancer Research in the Oncogenetics Team. She has worked in the speciality of Cancer Genetics for 16 years counselling patients about cancer risk, genetic testing and cancer screening. Together with Prof Eeles, she has set up a nurse-led ‘Prostate Genetic Risk’ clinic into which men with prostate cancer and their family members are referred for genetic counselling and a risk assessment and enrolment into various research opportunities. Liz has a PhD and works with Prof Eeles to lead a programme of research looking at the psychosocial aspects of integrating genetics into the prostate cancer screening pathway, as well as looking at the psychosocial impact of whole genome screening in primary care.